Anatomy of the Letus Survival Mask


The Letus Survival Mask by EODOR is a unique mask that employs Encapsulator Technology. The mask consists of 4 non-woven fabric layers (see picture for illustration)

Layer 1: This layer is water repelent to prevent large droplets and large particles.

Layer 2: This layer is also water resistant and baterial resistant. This layer block our 85% of all particles from the outside environment.

Layer 3 & 4: This layer is embed with the special US-developed Encapsulator Technology that trap any toxin molecules, bacteria or virus that passed through the first 2 layers. This encapsulation is activated when the 3rd layer is moisturized with vapor from the user breathing into the mask or the mask was prayed with a mist of water prior to wearing. The encapsulation of bacteria, smoke toxin result in the marked reduction of odor reaching the user.

Layer 4: A soft marterial is used to prevent skin irritation.

Mechanically, all the layers prevent >85% of 3 microns particles and 90% of 0.1 microns. However, combine with the encapsulator technology, the mask can block >95% of 0.3 microns. This is the same amount that is blocked by an N95 mask. However, our mask is not classified as N95 mask due to 2 reasons: the design is not seal fit and there was no breathability test done.