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The award-winning Letus Helix is a one, two, or three axis modular camera stabilizer system. It utilizes the optical center of the camera for both balance and image stabilzation. Originally designed to roll the camera on optical center, the Helix has evolved from a 1 axis auto-horizon system to a full blown, hand-held, 3 axis stabilizer. Whether it's in deep in the African jungle or the most sophisticate movie set, the Helix line have been tested and proven to be one of the most compact, yet versatile gimbal on the market. 

Helix highlighted features:

* Modular: 1, 2 or 3 axis configurations allow for a more versatile in meeting the filmmaker needs.

* Compact & Easy of use: Super small foot print and ready-to-use reduce set-up time and ideal for remote shooting situations.

* More functionalities than a typical gimbals such as continuous 360 roll motion

* Intuitive tilt movement unlike any other gimbals due to its design

* FLAT bottom = no stand needed

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